Shelter Wish List 

The shelter is always in need of donations of any kind our shelter operates with no funding and we rely on your donations to keep the door open for the animals.


                                      Things we are always in need of.

  1.  Cat litter is the # 1 item we are always in need of.

  2. Bleach

  3. Dawn Dish Soap

  4. Paper Towels

  5. Laundry Soap

  6. Dry Cat & Dog Food

  7. Kitten Dry Food 

  8. Rubber Chew Toys for Dogs 

  9. Office Supplies, Printer paper Epson ink 302, folders, Clip Boards, Ext.




                                                     Specialty Items We need

                                                              Picnic Tables

                                                                Utility Shed

                                                              Wheel Barrels